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Mahathir Mohamad Talk-Asia Transcript
23 November 2006

MM: Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad

Hello, I am Anjali Rao in Putrajaya, Malaysia. This is Talk Asia!

My guest today is the former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.

Dr. Mahathir ruled his country for 22 years, taking it on as a tropical backwater and transforming it into one of Asia's most industrialized nations.

Known for his outspoken ways, Dr. Mahathir has been scathing about the successor he hand-picked, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

By his own admission, Dr. Mahathir has a big mouth and he is not afraid to use it.


Block A

Dr. Mahathir welcome to the show. Let's first address the question that everybody has been asking recently. What on Earth is going on with you and the current Prime Minister?
MM Obviously we have differences, perceptions of things and all that differ, and there are some instances where I feel very strongly that he has let down Malaysia. So, I was forced to make some criticism.

In what way do you think that he has let down Malaysia?

MM I finally try to stop myself from getting involved, but over this bridge issue, he had said something that was not the true.

The bridge from Malaysia to Singapore?

MM In a way, it struck our sovereignty. We have the right to do the bridge on our side and there is no question of asking Singapore whether we should build or we shouldn't build a bridge. But he has apparently made the decision that even a bridge built on our side must have the approval of Singapore. This is our country, we are an independent, sovereign nation. There is no question of asking other people whether we can do something in our country.

AR He has told us that he felt that his decision was made with best interests of the country at heart. That must have been his decision to make though. Wouldn't you agree?

MM Yes, his decisions! But I disagree with him as to that being the best in the interests of Malaysia. We need to have this bridge which allows the water to go through. But the most important thing is that there is a huge traffic jam, because we have the CIQ in the wrong place at the end of the causeway is almost at the center at the heart of town of Johor Baru, and there is always a congestion there.

AR In the run up though, to Prime Minister Abdullah's appointment, one of the things that you were saying is that you are both two very different people and that you have two different approaches to taking the country forward. Is it really fair now to hold those differences against him?

MM Well, I made a promise not to interfere. But I did not think that he would do things which are in my view detrimental to the interests of the country. At that stage I thought I must come out and, well, be critical.

AR Yes, that is one of the things that I just going to quote back to you. Because last time that Talk Asia spoke you in 2002, I asked Whether you take on a behind the scene political role as Singapore founder father Lee Kuan has? And you said: No. I just don't think I should be interfering with things. Isn't this what you are doing now? The dictionary definition of interfering?

MM It is. I admit I am interfering now, because the atmosphere has changed completely. We now have a country where nobody is allowed to criticize the government and above all, not criticize the prime minister.

AR But criticism against the government was severely restricted when you were in power.

MM No. No. I disagree with your view. Certainly CNN has been a critical of me and I have allowed CNN to be seen by everybody. We have the Herald Tribune printed here, we have the Wall Street Journal, Asian Wall Street printed here. They have been critical. If you care to read the local papers in Malaysia you will find that they are always critical of the government.

AR Let me bring you back to the dispute at hand. Even your ruling party UMNO has asked you to pipe down a bit about your criticisms of Prime Minister Abdullah. Why is it so important to you to keep going with that opposition against him? Because there are now suggestions that UMNO itself could end up being deeply divided between those on your side and those on Prime Minister's side.

MM Well, this is not something new. It has happened in UMNO many times. In fact in 1986 the Prime Minister himself was on the side of a group which tried to challenge me, actually challenged me and there was contest for the leadership of the party and I managed to win. He lost. He and his friends lost. So, this has not ended up with UMNO being broken up completely.

AR Do you think that shows, then, that by your criticisms of him, it's actually reflecting more on you having a negative impact on yourself, rather than reflecting on him?

MM I think you will find out that it has a negative effect on him also. It is not always on me. I know what I am talking about.

AR When we spoke to Prime Minister Abdullah about exactly this, he said that, you know, politically speaking, the way that you speak out against him doesn't affect the way he runs the country or conducts his business affairs, but on a personal level, he still sees you as friend. (Mahathir smiles) How do you respond to that? Do you still see him as a friend?

MM Yes. This is not a personal quarrel between him and me. This is about issues. You see? We can be friends, but on issues we can differ. And I am going to differ, but what I don't like is his attempts to muzzle me. I never muzzled him. I allowed him to speak. I allowed everybody to speak during my time. But here, he doesn't allow me to meet any UMNO people, he doesn't allow me to meet even academies, he doesn't allow me to meet civil servants. Invitations issued to me to go and speak have been cancelled.

AR This isn't though the first time you've had a dispute like this on such a higher level. You fired your deputy Anwar Ibrahim, who then served six years in jail. Yet he had once been your chosen successor for Prime Minister, as Mr. Abdullah then ended up being. How do you account for that? Because of the common threat in both of these is you.

MM In the case of Anwar, he looked to me like a good candidate and everything went well until we discovered certain moral deficiencies on his part, which to me does not qualify him to become a Prime Minister.

AR You believe that he was gay.

MM Yeah, well I believe that he has done something that is wrong. Now he is suing me of course about that. But, what happened is I didn't catch him by the scuff of his neck and throw him in jail. I expelled him from the government, which is my right. I expelled him from government, then the police then took action, proper action. He was charged in court and tried for nine months. He had nine lawyers defending him and he was found guilty, and he was sentenced. So that means that here in this country even if you are the highest official, you are not above the law.

AR So the only way you would support him is in the case he was compliant?

MM In the case of Anwar, he was tried. I didn't catch him by the neck and throw him into jail.

AR No, but you sacked him.

MM I sacked him, but that is my right. That is my right!

AR Dr. Mahathir, stay with us. We'll pick this up in a few minutes. Still to come on the program, we'll broach an always testy topic, religion. And we will find out whether Dr. Mahathir's stance has softened at all on the world's Jews. Stay tuned.


Block B:

AR Welcome back to Talk Asia, with my guest Dr. Mahathir Mohamed. Dr, it was in 2003 that you made those comments about Jews which are still being discussed today. Is this still the way you feel?

MM Yes. I still feel that way. Because I can't understand this. You cannot say anything against the Jews but they can say anything they like about Muslims, about other people. You know, we have been called terrorists and things like that, that is alright to everybody. But if you go to 4 countries in Europe and you say well actually it was not 6 million Jews who died in the holocaust but is was 5million,9 hundred and 99 thousand you are going to be thrown into jail!

AR Still though, when you make comments like that about Jews, as a Muslim yourself, are you not just helping to foster the deep animosity that already exist between Islam and the Jewish community?

MM Well they should stop saying things and they should stop killing Muslims. They have no right to invade Lebanon and destroy everything.

AR But we remember how all that started, of course, with Hezbollah going across the border and abducting two Jewish soldiers.

MM Before that, the Jews had already captured so many of these Lebanese in southern Lebanon. Why was that not reported? Why did not Hezbollah invade Israel to bring back some thousands of their people who have been captured by the Jews?

AR Is that what you would advocate?

MM Well I would not advocate that simply because Hezbollah is not capable of doing that. But the Jews make use of their military power to destroy everything, because two of their people have been captured. When thousands of Lebanese were captured, nothing happened.

AR Does that ever concern you that by being so vocal about those views you are creating an image of the whole country of Malaysia, which is known for being an accepting multi-faith society taking that image and turning it on its head?

MM No. I don't think so. We here are very rational. We live in a multi-racial, multi-religious country and we have no problem, because we don't have people who go around killing people, taking other people's land and when people try to get back their land you do all kinds of things to them. It doesn't happen in this country.

AR President George W. Bush issued a rather stern rebuke over those comments you made about the Jews. He has been trying to prove to the Muslim world for the past five years -- since the war on terror started -- that it is not a campaign of The West vs. Islams. How do you think that he is doing on that score?

MM I think it's a campaign of the West against the Muslims, as far as Bush is concerned. The first thing that came out of him: "we should have a crusade." You see, but of course, later on he amended that. But at heart, that is what he has in mind. And you know what disaster he has caused?

AR Still though, Malaysia is cooperating of course in the War on Terror, which was initiated whilst you were in office. How much of a challenge is it for a Muslim country, albeit moderate, to be seen as a close ally of Washington yet making sure not to tread on any religious Islamic sensitivities back home?

MM We are against terrorism and it so happens that the US is also against terrorism, but we don't agree with the way the US goes about fighting against terrorism. But we will continue our fight against terrorism, where we are convinced that these are terrorists. We don't go around killing Muslims just because they are Muslims, therefore they are terrorists. We don't arrest them and exam their shoes or whatever.

AR Something which really did strike at the heart of Islamic sensitivities recently were those comments given by Pope Benedict. His address to an academic gathering. What he did, was that he came out with an ancient quote referring to Islam as evil and inhuman. What are your takes on those comments and the reaction of the Islamic world, given that the Pope had argued that these were not representative of his own views?

MM No. When you quote somebody, it's because you want to bolster your own arguments. So, he believes in what he quotes. He believes the Islam was spread by the sword. You know, the Catholics were very intolerant in the past they used to massacre Jews, they had the Inquisition. For mega_shok.gif0 years, Spain was under Muslim rule. There were Christians, there were Jews living there, but when the re-conquest was completed by Ferdinand and Isabella, they were given three choices: either leave Spain, or convert to Christianity, or be put to death.

AR No one doubts that Christianity has an extremely bloody history, as do most religions, but the Pope may well have been looking at situation today, where when we see major attacks, such as 9/11. We see them being perpetrated by extremist Islamists.

MM No. It is not just them. They are defending themselves. That is the only way they can defend themselves.

AR How was September 11 defending oneself?

MM Well if they have fighter planes and all that, they would launch a conventional war. But this is the only thing that they can do. I don't agree with doing that, but when you push people to a corner they will do extraordinary things.

AR Stay with us Dr. Mahathir. We are going to take a short break at this point. Though in a moment, we will discuss Dr. Mahathir's hopes for his nation, plus we'll get personal with the man many here still see as Malaysia's most fearsome political persona



AR You are with Talk Asia. Our guest today is Dr. Mahathir Mohamed, the former Premier of Malaysia. Dr. during you time as premier one of yours most forward thinking projects was Vision 2020, in which you said you wanted to turn Malaysia into a 1st world, fully developed country by the year 2020. The current Prime Minister says it is on track. What are you thoughts?

MM Well I don't think we are going to achieve it with the rate of growth that we are seeing today. Everything has been slowed down, ostensibly because we have no money. But I don't believe we have no money. We have plenty of money!

AR What would their reasoning be for saying that, if you don't believe it?

MM They say that I've finished all the money when I was running this country. I spent so much money on mega-projects so that, when I left there was no money. That is why they couldn't continue with double tracking, they couldn't continue with the bridge, they couldn't continue with a whole lot of things.

AR You had such a great hand in turning Malaysia what it is today. How hard is it after 22 years at top to seat back and let somebody else take the reigns?

MM It is not hard if the person who takes the reigns were to do things that are beneficial for the growth of the country. But what is being done is actually to stifle growth. There is a lot of corruption in this country now, which is something I feel needs to be highlighted.

AR But the government under your rule was also accused of wide spread corruption.

MM Corruption, there was, but no to this degree. I mean, leaders, people like me are not corrupted. You may not believe it of course, but that doesn't matter. But today we see the family of the Prime Minister being involved in business, getting contracts and things like that. And, even in a small bi-election money was used. And even a case of my trying to become just a delegate in the convention, money was spent to make sure that I wouldn't be elected in my own division, which I headed for 22 years.

AR So, away from Dr. Mahathir the politician is Dr. Mahathir the man, who has 7 kids. When you were a Prime Minister did you feel that you were able to devote enough time to them?

MM No I didn't. I am not bothered by my family or about having to be close to them or anything or like that. They knew I have a job to do and they put up with it.

AR But having a father and a husband at home would obviously make for a better more tight knit and functional family, wouldn't it?

MM They were away studying most of the time. They were not at home. And when they come back home having completed their studies, they were doing business, they got married and they stayed away, they have their own family. I have 16 grandchildren.

AR You have time on your hand these days because you're retired. What do you do with it?

MM Well, actually I am very busy now because I come to office everyday almost as if I were not retired. I spend a lot of time meeting people who want to call on me and want to see me for advice or whatever. And then I have to spend my time writing. I am trying to write my memoirs and not doing well at all. And then I have to write speeches I get invited to many countries to give talks on various subjects, so I am very busy.

AR What are the difficulties of writing your memoirs?

MM Well, it has been a long time and I am trying to do research to make sure I get all the dates right and that kind of thing takes a long time.

AR You are very famous figure around the world. What is it that you want people to know about you through these memoirs that you don't think we already do?

MM Some people told me that they would be interested to find out how is it that Malaysia, which was an agricultural country could be converted in an industrialized country. How does a third world country manage to prosper? These are the questions I get asked. Then of course, Malaysia is a multi racial, multi-religious country. How do we manage them? Lots of questions about Malaysia and whenever I go abroad people ask me about these questions and ask me about leadership and things like that. So I talk on these subjects.

AR We wish you the very best of luck on all these memoirs and thank you very much indeed for speaking to us today. (You're welcome) And that is it for this edition of Talk Asia. My guest for today as Malaysia former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamed. I'm Anjiali Rao, see you next week.

Patrick Lim - Org yg Tun Mahathir dakwa paling berkuasa di negeri Terengganu. Untuk pengetahuan korang, semasa Pak Lah berada dalam sebuah kereta bersama Idris Jusoh menuju kesatu tempat, Patrick Lim menahan kereta yg Pak Lah naik dan bawa Pak Lah masuk duk bersama Patrick Lim dalam kereta dia.

Khairy accused of 'ruling' Terengganu with friend

KEMAMAN (TERENGGANU) - Malaysia's former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad has made a fresh allegation against a family member of Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, and poured scorn on the government's Islam Hadhari vision.

The former premier accused Datuk Seri Abdullah of allowing his son-in-law and a businessman friend to 'rule' Terengganu state.

Tun Dr Mahathir claimed that Mr Khairy Jamaluddin, who is married to Datuk Seri Abdullah's daughter Nori, virtually 'rules' Terengganu with his businessman friend, Datuk Patrick Lim.

'This Patrick Lim is Patrick Badawi,' Tun Dr Mahathir said at a function here.

'This is the new Constitution that is changed without the knowledge of Parliament. The new Constitution says the son-in-law and Patrick are ruling Terengganu state,' the former premier charged.
“Terengganu government: No truth to opposition claims,” reported The Star on 30 September 2006. And The Star goes on to say as follows:

The state government has dismissed the claim by the opposition that RM200 million was allocated for the promotion of the Monsoon Cup in Pulau Duyong last year. “That’s a baseless claim as the fund was not from the state government’s coffers but allotted either by private sponsors or the Federal Government,” State Infrastructure, Public Amenity and Communication committee chairman Datuk Wan Hisham Wan Salleh told Datuk Harun Taib (PAS - Manir) during the 11th state assembly sitting here recently.

Wan Hisham said he was perplexed how the assemblyman from the opposition obtained such inaccurate information on the allocation. “This is seen an attempt to mar the image of the Monsoon Cup by certain quarters.”

Harun claimed he got the information from an “insider” serving the current government.
Now, please take note of this denial. Wan Hisham did not deny that they spent RM200 million just for a boat race for foreigners. He just denied that the state paid for it. The money, said Wan Hisham, came from private sponsors plus the Federal Government.

But of course it did. And this ‘allotted’ amount -- to use Wan Hisham’s own words -- is the Wang Ehsan, the RM1 billion a year that is being managed by Patrick Lim, Khairy Jamaluddin, Wan Hisham (the State EXCO Member in charge of spending the money) and Wan Farid (Wan Hisham's brother who works for Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi). Malaysia Today has already revealed the entire scam on 2 January 2006. In case you missed it then, or have forgotten it, allow me to republish it below. Note the parts
Tun Dianugerah "Mother Teresa International Award for Social Justice and Harmony"

19 November lalu, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad yang menerima anugerah "Mother Teresa International Award for Social Justice and Harmony" ,Mumbai, India. Tun diwakili anaknya Mukriz Mahathir.

Mother Teresa Award di sampaikan setiap tahun kepada mereka yang terpilih oleh Harmony Foundation, India dengan kerjasama All India Christian Council.

Berita mengenai perkara itu bagaimanapun tidak dilaporkan media-media arus perdana negara ini, kecuali The Star.
Tun Bina Masjid Di Pattani, selatan Thailand
22 November 2006

Isnin ini, Bernama melaporkan Mukhriz akan menghadiri majlis pecah tanah pembinaan sebuah masjid itu yang dijanjikan oleh Dr Mahathir kepada umat Islam di di wilayah bergolak Pattani di selatan Thailand

Masjid yang boleh menampung kira-kira 350 jemaah itu, dibina di Kampung Pasir Jawa, Teluban di Pattani dengan kos kira-kira RM500,000.

Majlis pecah tanah itu akan disusuli dengan upacara solat khas melibatkan kira-kira 3,000 orang untuk mendoakan keamanan di selatan.

Cadangan untuk membina masjid itu diilhamkan semasa rundingan damai antara pemberontak dan kerajaan Thailand awal tahun ini yang diusahakan oleh Dr Mahathir dan Konsul Kehormat Diraja Thailand Datuk Shazryl Eskay Abdullah.

"Beberapa anggota delegasi meminta bantuan Tun untuk membina masjid. Tun berjanji yang beliau akan menyumbang ke arah itu sebaik sahaja rundingan damai itu selesai," katanya.

Perdana Global Peace Organisation (PGPO), yang diterajui Dr Mahathir, akan menanggung kos pembinaannya manakala bahan-bahannya adalah dari sumber tempatan untuk memastikan penyertaan masyarakat setempat dan mewujudkan peluang kerja.

"PGPO dan konsulat akan bekerjasama rapat dengan Gabenor Pattani untuk memastikan kejayaannya.

"Semua wang akan disalurkan ke pejabat gabenor bagi pemantauan serta bagi memastikan hasrat murni kami tidak disalah tafsir," Bernama memetik beliau sebagai berkata.
Abdullah selalu tertidur dalam mesyuarat - Mahathir
Oleh International Herald Tribune
Fri | Nov 24, 06 | 01:06:18 PM

Seminggu sebelum Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad mengalami serangan jantung, beliau begitu ghairah dan bertenaga sekali menjawab soalan-soalan Thomas Fuller, wakil International Herald Tribune di pejabatnya, di Tingkat 86, Menara Petronas, KLCC. Ikuti sedutan menarik daripadanya.

IHT: Anda kini telah kembali berpolitik, menurut pandangan anda apakah kesilapan Abdullah yang paling besar?

MAHATHIR: Saya pernah berjanji untuk tidak mencampuri urusan kerajaan. Selama dua tahun saya mendiamkan diri. Tapi apa yang saya dapati sejak dari mula ahli keluarganya (Abdullah) terlibat dalam proses kerajaan.

Malah mereka menghadiri mensyuarat kerajaan walaupun mereka tidak mempunyai status untuk berbuat demikian. Terdapat bukti yang jelas bahawa menantunya (Khairy Jamaluddin) memainkan peranan yang besar dalam soal melantik menteri, bahkan dalam melantik calon yang akan bertanding dalam pilihan raya.

Saya pernah diberitahu oleh orang yang terlibat bahawa dia (Khairy) pernah menelefon ketua-ketua menteri untuk memberikan projek kepada orang-orang tertentu, termasuk kepada ibunya. Ini saya rasa benar kerana orang yang kehilangan projek itu berasa cukup sedih dan memberitahu saya.

Bagaimana dengan pengurusan ekonomi Abdullah?

Asasnya dia tidak faham bagaimana untuk menggerakkan ekonomi. Dan bagi membuktikan bahawa saya salah kerana menggunakan wang kerajaan untuk apa yang dipanggilnya projek mega, dia memotong perbelanjaan. Jika kerajaan tidak membelanjakan wang, ia tidak akan menghasilkan kekayaan dalam komuniti.

Sesetengah orang berpendapat bahawa Abdullah tidak pandai bercakap, selalu mengantuk. Adakah anda dapati dia tidak cukup bertenaga sebagaimana anda?

Tempoh tumpuannya sangat pendek dan ramai yang memberitahu saya bahawa dia selalu tertidur ketika kes dibentangkan kepadanya. Dia hanya membiarkan apa penasihatnya cakap.

Anda mengambil tindakan untuk menyertai politik semula, apakah matlamat anda?

Supaya kerajaan yang ada dapat diperbetulkan. Supaya kerajaan tidak lagi melakukan perkara-perkara yang tidak boleh diterima seperti melibatkan ahli keluarga dalam urusan kerajaan, mengaitkan syarikat keluarga.

Adakah ini bermakna Abdullah mesti pergi?

Dia tidak perlu pergi sekiranya dia sanggup berbuat apa yang betul, bukan untuk saya tapi untuk negara ini. Tapi sekiranya dia tidak sanggup, dia harus memberi peluang kepada orang lain untuk membangunkan negara ini. Kini pembangunan negara terhenti. Semua bangunan baru yang dapat dilihat pada hari ini sebenarnya diluluskan pada zaman saya.

Jika anda pergi mengembara menaiki pesawat MAS, mereka akan tunjukkan gambar menara berkembar dan bermacam-macam lagi. Di penghujungnya mereka akan tunjukkan gambar Abdullah seolah-oleh dia yang bertanggungjawab terhadap semua itu. Sebenarnya dia tidak. Semua bangunan itu dibina sebelum zaman dia.

Dari sudut yang lebih luas, anda didapati menentang Abdullah yang mendapat mandat besar setahun selepas dia mengambil alih kuasa. Rakyat suka kepada peribadi dan gayanya. Apakah yang boleh anda lakukan supaya rakyat boleh bersama anda?

Strateginya sekarang ialah menghalang saya bercakap dengan sesiapa pun juga. Dengan cara itu popularitinya dapat diselamatkan dan dikekalkan.

Sesetengah pihak berpendapat perbalahan anda dengan Abdullah bersifat peribadi. Mereka kata kawan-kawan lama anda yang dulunya mendapat banyak faedah kini tidak lagi mendapat kontrak.

Itu merupakan tuduhan lama yang ditujukan kepada saya, bahawa saya menolong kawan-kawan saya. Tapi sebenarnya saya tidak berbuat begitu - semua orang ini merupakan mereka yang berkeupayaan, oleh itu mereka perlu diberi peluang.

Saya tidak boleh sewenang-wenangnya memberikan projek pembangunan pelabuhan kepada seorang penarik beca. Ia harus diberikan kepada mereka yang ada keupayaan. Saya tidak berminat dengan perkara-perkara peribadi. Dan ia bukan juga kerana projek-projek kesayangan saya. Apa saja projek yang saya jayakan semuanya baik untuk negara.

Perbalahan Mahathir dan Abdullah ini telah mendapat perhatian rantau ini. Adakah anda rasa ia berbaloi?

Saya ingin tegaskan di sini bahawa perbalahan di antara kami berdua bukan kerana masalah peribadi. Ia merupakan soal bagaimana negara ini diterajui. Saya sudah jelaskan bahawa kesilapan yang berlaku bukan kerana orangnya tapi kerana ia dilakukan secara silap.

Tidakkah terdapat risiko bahawa perbalahan ini merosakkan Malaysia lebih teruk daripada Abdullah merosakkan Malaysia?

Tidak. Saya rasa kerosakan yang dilakukan Abdullah terhadap Malaysia lebih teruk.

Bercakap soal jangka panjang, apakah kebimbangan terbesar anda terhadap Malaysia?

Saya fikir Malaysia mempunyai banyak peluang yang baik jika ia diurus dengan sempurna.

Tidakkah anda terfikir untuk berehat sambil membaca novel John Grisham di tepi pantai, atau bermain dengan cucu? Komuniti perubatan mengatakan terdapat tiga sumbatan dalam jantung anda tapi anda masih lagi nampak sihat. Bukankah sudah tiba masa untuk memperlahankan rentak?

Tidak. Saya fikir saya mempunyai tanggung jawab kepada rakyat dan negara ini. Saya tak begitu peduli apa yang berlaku pada diri saya. Selama ini memang saya bekerja keras, walaupun selepas saya diserang sakit jantung. Saya tidak berhenti. Saya rasa hidup ini tidak begitu bermakna jika kita asyik fikirkan mengenai masa-masa indah selepas kita pencen.

Adakah anda menyesal mengundurkan diri?

Tidak. Saya pilih untuk mengundur diri. Manalah saya tahu apa yang akan berlaku.

Anda dikatakan ada menyimpan pita rakaman mengenai pertemuan damai di antara anda dengan Abdullah. Bila ia akan diedarkan?

Tengoklah satu hari nanti.



DR MAHATHIR MUNCUL DI MAHA…. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad dan isterinya Tun Dr Siti Hasmah telah membuat lawatan ke pamiran MAHA di Serdang petang Isnin.Ini adalah kemunculan pertama beliau dikhalayak ramai sejak menjalani rawatan serangan jantung ringan di Institut Jantung Negara baru-baru ini.Semasa di kawasan pamiran itu ramai pengunjung mengerumuni mereka untuk bersa
Abdullah has made Umno his personal party
Posted on Friday, January 05 @ 16:00:00 MYT

Malaysia's former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad is 81 years old but he was as combinative as ever when he met recently with the TIME's Hannah Beech and Baradan kuppusamy in his pluch office in Malaysia's administrative capital, Putrajaya. They spoke of his fues with his handpicked succesor, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, his legacy, and why the developing world needs a champion:

TIME: How will historians regard your 22 years as Prime Minister?

Mahathir: They would have noticed an acceleration in industrialization. The previous Prime Minister had the same ideas. but they were unable to push it.When I became Prime Minister, I found ways and means to accelerate the process. So I suppose that period of very rapid [economic] growth from the 1980s to 2000 will be identified with me.

How do you compare that era with what's happening now?

M: [Abdullah] has discarded policies and strategies we used during my time, claiming that they were not good for the country,particularly what were termed "megaprojects" We used the megaprojects to stimulate the economy. They put a stop to them, and when you put a stop to spending money, you don't generate wealth anymore... . I expect every Prime Minister to have his own imprint. [Abdullah] wants to be recognize as himself and not as a copy of somebody else. But when you try to do that, you may do better things or you may do worse things.

Downstairs you have a poster listing some of your accomplishments. Most are structures like Putrajaya and Petronas Towers. Do you feel your legacy as the builder for Malaysia is being undermined?

M: Everything in the last 20 years has been my pet project, so if you touch anything, iy's going to be touching my pet project. [But] all these things that I caused to be built are actually essential to this country. We need the infrastructure, we need Putrajaya. Imagine what Kuala Lumpur would be like if the govenment adminstration were still there. Planning means looking ahead. When I do things, I think very far ahead, not 10 years, 20 years [but] 100 years ahead

Looking back on your anointed successors, it seems they all disappointed you. Are you bad at choosing good leaders?

M: I'm not very good at it . I assume the people react to things as I would react. For example, if you are nice to people, they should be nice to you. If somebody is going against you, yet you are willing to forget and forgive and give them a place again in the govenment, they will be very grateful. But I find that the people I helped to reach certain heights actually turned against me.

Do you think Prime Minister Abdullah is ungrateful to you?

M: At least he should have noticed that I went out of my way to give him an opportunity.

Is he more afraid of dissent than you were?

M: He has made UMNO his presonal party. They cannot say anything that he doesn't approve of. I'm being told, look, you mustn't criticize the Prime Minister because he is an institution, he is and UMNO president and therefore institution. Yes, the UMNO president is an institution, but the incumbent is not. When I was there he challenged me. Now he's not allowing anybody to say a word against him... What I don't like is creating what would be called a police state. Nobody is allowed to organize any meeting and invite me to speak. If you do, the police call you up.

As Malaysia's Prime Minister, you saw yourself as the unofficial spokesman for the developing world. Is anyone teking up that role now?

M: Third world countries have got nobody to stand up for them. They either owe money to banks or they are recieving aid. We are much more free [in Malaysia]: we don't owe money, we don't ask for aid, and therefore we are in the position to speak up. If Malaysia gives up that role, it will be a very sad day because the strong countries will then steamroll over us. Thaksin[Shinawatra] said he wanted to be like me, but he did not [speak out], and Suharto is not around. So we have to wait for somebody... Today, the tendency is to be associated with the big people. The [developing world wants] to be nice to President Bush, to praise Prime Minister Blair.

How do you view the Bush admninistration's efforts to build democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan?

M: Democracy must be internally generated. You cannot force it from the top-it's not going to work.
dah senyap Tun sekarang..macam mengatur strategi plak...
che det baru balik mancing..... naik sampan jer.... tu yang dia bengang Pak Lah beli kapal tu...
semoga ade bakal pemimpin br yg geliga cam TM ni... wink.gif
QUOTE(KernelStackDump @ Jan 7 2007, 09:08 PM)
che det baru balik mancing..... naik sampan jer.... tu yang dia bengang Pak Lah beli kapal tu...

ni kritikan terbaru Dr.M ke?..laa x perasan lak aku..paper pun x cite pape pasal nih
Bagik laa chance kat Pak Lah nak kumpoi duit dulu...
Dia pun takut laa ni...

Sebab tu laa masa pemilihan UMNO sepatutnya pada 2006 ditangguhkan sampai lepas pilihanraya...

Maunya Najib tetiba rasa nak lawan Pak LAh...
Mau bungkuih Pak LAh...

Najib tu duit dah banyak kalo nak banding ngan Pak Lah...

Sedangkan Isa Doraemon pon bleh menang bila main ngan duit...
Inikan plak Bapak Najib Sharibuu ...
Dr Mahathir: Gantikan pengurusan Proton
08-01-2007 11:50:56 PM

PUTRAJAYA: Bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, hari ini menyarankan agar pengurusan Proton Holdings Bhd sekarang digantikan bagi mengelakkan syarikat itu daripada merosot.

Bercakap pada satu sidang akhbar di sini untuk mengumumkan satu persidangan antarabangsa "To Make War a Crime" (menjadikan perang satu jenayah) yang akan diadakan bulan depan, beliau mendakwa rakan kongsi perniagaan Proton kini sengsara disebabkan oleh jualan kereta Proton yang kurang laris.

"Vendor sengsara, wakil jualan sengsara kerana mereka tidak boleh jual kereta-kereta itu," katanya sambil menambah "ada banyak perkara" yang orang tidak tahu tentang Proton.

Pembuat kereta nasional itu tidak mencatatkan keuntungan seperti dahulu dan agihan pasarannya telah terhakis dalam tahun-tahun kebelakangan ini di tengah-tengah persaingan yang sengit daripada pembuat kereta tempatan dan asing.

Dr Mahathir, yang merupakan penasihat Proton, berkata beliau tidak tahu rundingan Proton dalam mencari rakan kongsi strategik berada di peringkat mana.

Beliau berkata terpulanglah kepada kerajaan untuk membuat keputusan sama ada Proton harus mempunyai rakan kongsi asing atau tempatan.

Kerajaan memiliki 59 peratus dalam Proton, termasuk kepentingan sebanyak 43 peratus yang dipegang melalui cabang pelaburannya, Khazanah Nasional.

Proton sedang berunding dengan Volkswagen AG dan PSA Peugeot Citroen bagi satu perkongsian strategik manakala beberapa syarikat tempatan, iaitu Naza Group, Mofaz Group dan DRB-Hicom, berminat untuk mengambil alih kepentingan Khazanah Nasional dalam Proton.

Perjanjian tol yang sangat lemah – Dr M
Raja Petra

Bekas Perdana Menteri Dr Mahathir Mohamad hari ini berkata bahawa kenaikan tol baru-baru ini bagi lima lebuhraya di Lembah Klang tidak sepatutnya sehingga 60% kerana jumlah kereta sudah meningkat beberapa kali ganda sejak perjanjian konsesi ditandatangani.

Mahathir juga mengakui bahawa perjanjian konsesi tol telah tidak dirangka dengan baik semasa dia menjadi perdana menteri dan menambah bahawa pengoperator lebuhraya kini mengaut keuntungan besar daripada kenaikan tol.

Sejak 1 Januari, kadar tol bagi lima lebuhraya telah dinaikkan iaitu lebuhraya Shah Alam, lebuhraya Cheras-Kajang, lebuhraya Kuala Lumpur-Karak, lebuhraya Guthrie dan Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong, yang meningkat antara 20-60%.

“Saya juga nampak saiz lalulintas juga sudah bertambah lima kali ganda. Pendapatan syarikat-syarikat lebuhraya juga sudah bertambah.,” katanya di Putrajaya.

Mahathir berpendapat jika tol dinaikkan tetapi tidak setinggi seperti yang diumumkan baru-baru ini adalah lebih wajar.

Bekas perdana menteri tersebut mengakui bahawa kandungan perjanjian konsesi yang dirangka semasa beliau mentadbir, ada kelemahan dan kabinet patut buat suatu yang lebh baik dari itu.

“Kabinet hanya meluluskan dari segi prinsip. Mereka tidak betul-betul kaji implikasi beberapa para dalam perjanjian tersebut,” katanya lagi.

Mahathir berpendapat perjanjian baru boleh diusahakan dengan syarikat lebuhraya dengan syarat mereka masih mendapat keuntungan.

“Jika pertambahan saiz lalulintas dan syarikat memungut lebih daripada yang diunjurkan, kerajaan mempunyai bahagian terhadapnya. Jika unjuran saiz lalulintas tidak berlaku, dengan itu jumlah yang dikumpulkan kurang, kerajaan perlu bayar pampasan.

Namun, jumlah yang dikumpulkan dan unjuran yang dibuat dalam perjanjian tidak diketahui kerana ia maklumat yang dirahsiakan bahawa Akta Rasmi Negara (OSA).

Ditanya mengenai demonstrasi aman oleh 2,000 orang sepanjang Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong (LDP) Ahad lalu, reaksinya ‘tak apa’.

“Dia ada peaceful demo tak apalah. Masa saya tak berapa peaceful. Kita negara demokrasi. Tidak apa kalau ada demonstrasi kecil,” katanya.

Jawatankuasa bantahan kenaikan tol akan mengadakan demonstrasi yang sama di Lebuhraya Kuala Lumpur-Karak pada 14 Januari 2007, pada 4 petang.
Harga Minyak..

Mengenai trend harga minyak mentah menurun, Dr Mahathir berkata jika harga itu kekal rendah, maka kerajaan mungkin menimbangkan pengurangan harga produk petroleum di negara ini.

"Saya fikir kita harus sentiasa melihat pada harga dan melihat apa yang kita kita boleh lakukan untuk menyediakan bantuan kepada rakyat," katanya sambil sentiasa mengingatkan media bahawa beliau bukannya lagi perdana menteri
Periuk Nasi Khairy Sgt Besar!!

Dr Mahathir juga diminta memberi komen mengenai kenyataan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dalam temu bual dengan akhbar Bangkok Post bahawa kritikan terhadap Khairy Jamaluddin telah menghancurkan periuk nasi menantunya.

"Ia adalah periuk nasi yang sangat besar, mencecah ratusan juta ringgit. Berapa banyak nasi yang anda boleh makan," katanya.
‘I wasn’t quiet’

On Abdullah’s recent interview with a Bangkok daily, where he said Mahathir had ‘smashed my son-in-law’s pot of rice’.

It wasn’t a very big rice bowl, it’s very difficult to smash (laughs). It’s turning into a hundreds of millions of dollars' rice bowl. How much rice can you eat? biggrin.gif

On the RM31.4 billion merger of Sime Darby Bhd, Kumpulan Guthrie Bhd and Golden Hope Plantations Bhd.

We think that through this merger, I think the commission that some people would get from this merger is around RM200 million. Somebody would benefit right from the word ‘go’ from the commission.

Secondly, I don’t think it is very necessary. They are big enough as they are.

On the recently announced Iskandar Development Region in Johor.

With regard to this special zone, literally you are making it part of a foreign land. Singapore would be very happy. People can go to this place without using their passport. But if they want to go back (to their own countries), they have to use their passport.

But Singapore has relations with some countries which we do not have relations with, such as Israel. We might have some interesting people building things there. Effectively, it's becoming a foreign land.

But that is following in the tradition of Malaysia, where we gave Singapore to other people, where we gave Penang to the British. We are generous, we are always giving. Where we can’t give land, we can always dig up sand and sell it.

On his attempt to strike out a RM100 million suit filed against him by his former deputy Anwar Ibrahim following his (Mahathir’s) comments that Anwar was a homosexual.

He is suing me now. My lawyers have asked that it should struck off as far as I am concerned. But the court is not on my side. That’s why I had problems with Umno being struck out back then (1987).

On why he has been ‘quiet’ of late.

I wasn’t quiet. I had my press conference after my first meeting (with Abdullah) and people blamed me for being so nasty. So after that, I had a small heart problem, and now my heart is repaired. But I have no forum to say anything. The press will not publish what I say. So I appear to be very quiet but in my brain there is a lot of sounds.

On whether he will continue to criticise the government.

I will criticise anything that is wrong whether done by my government or other governments. That has been my principle whether I was prime minister or not. I never hesitate to criticise. Even the most powerful country in the world, if they do something wrong, I will say. And they are welcome to say when I am wrong. They have said I was wrong all this while - 22 years of bad government.

On whether he has slowed down his momentum.

People are too afraid to give out invitations for me to speak. When they do, they are told to withdraw their invitations. I say that this is not lawful [...] the police are allowed to call up people and threaten them. This is a police state.

During my time, I have never done so. I proceeded according to the ISA. There is the law. But this - to call up the police to threaten people - was never done.

On whether he considers ISA ‘uncivilised’.

It is still a law. There are good laws and there are bad laws. There are good laws in the eyes of some people and there are bad laws in the eyes of others. But the fact is that there is a law.

And now, of course, the British are returning to the same law and America is also very happy that there are going to imprison people without trial. Worse still, they imprison foreigners without trial. If it is such a bad law, then all these people should not be doing it.

On whether ISA should be abolished.

There is a need for ISA, there is also a need not to abuse ISA.

On rumours Umno supreme council members wanted him under house arrest.

The law is there. I said, 'don’t abuse'. They can arrest me and say the law said so, but that would be an abuse.

On the delay by the Umno supreme council and disciplinary board in reaching a decision on the Umno Kubang Pasu money politics case.

I think that the supreme council and the disciplinary board are busy. Maybe they are celebrating Raya, New Year, Hari Raya Haji and all that.

On reports that he purchased a luxury yacht in Turkey.

Actually, I am quite interested, if I could buy. But I don’t have the money. I have been sailing in this Turkish gullet they call it. Very beautifully designed yacht. Turkish wooden yacht. I thought if you owned a yacht and bring it here, it would look nice in Langkawi.

I asked some people with some money, ‘Why don’t you build a yacht like that?’ They said wooden boats don’t last very long in Langkawi. And then they said, if a wooden boat doesn’t last long why not have steel hull. So that’s where it stopped.

On whether southern Thailand should seek autonomy.

They have some grievances, but I have told them quite clearly they should not make any effort to become an independent state, or even autonomy because the Thai government doesn’t like that.

On whether the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu has hurt Malaysia’s image.

I am sorry it happened, especially when in involves the police. But generally there is an upsurge in crime in this country. I do not know why. But I feel very sad that this should happen. And I am an honorary doctor for a Mongolian university.

And they have written to me to intercede, but there is nothing I can do except hope that the investigation and the trial can be carried out as soon as possible.

On the expected reduction of global crude oil prices and its effect on domestic retail oil prices.

I have to admit when the prices went up, our retail price did not go up for quite some time. The government must have lost some money [...] the government is spending a bit more time thinking about it. If it (global oil prices) stays low, the government might reduce domestic retail oil prices, but I’m not the government though I talk as though I am...

On writing his memoirs.

It’s taking a lot of time. It’s very difficult. I don’t know how to write on all these things about myself. I’ve forgotten most of the things already. I don’t think it is a very interesting story anyway.


//Well.. what can I say.. Mahathir's strikes back!
mcm2lah diorg ni..kiter yg jd mgse... happy.gif
BN mungkin akan tewas - Dr M

Sambil memberi amaran Barisan Nasional (BN) mungkin cuba menggunakan politik wang untuk memenangi pilihanraya kecil Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Batu Talam hujung bulan ini, bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad membayangkan calon BN mungkin akan tewas jika pengundi amat tidak gembira dengan kerajaan BN sekarang.

Menurut laporan Bernama, Dr Mahathir menyifatkan 'mood' rakyat sudah berbeza dan tidak sama seperti dahulu.

Jika pengundi gembira, katanya, majoriti BN mungkin meningkat, tetapi jika mereka tidak gembira, maka majoritnya mungkin merosot.

Tetapi katanya, jika pengundi amat tidak gembira dengan kerajaan BN sekarang, maka calonnya mungkin tewas.

Bercakap dalam sidang akhbar bagi mengumumkan Sidang Damai Global bagi tahun ini, Dr Mahathir berkata, pilihanraya kecil Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Batu Talam hujung bulan ini menjadi pengukur kepada populariti kerajaan BN sekarang.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad membayangkan adalah sukar bagi penggantinya Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi untuk mengulangi kejayaan cemerlangnya dalam pilihanraya umum yang lalu.

Dalam pilihanraya umum 2004, sejurus selepas menggantikan Dr Mahathir sebagai Perdana Menteri, Abdullah memenangi 90 peratus kerusi Parlimen.

Bekas Perdana Menteri itu berkata, Abdullah akan terpaksa menanggung kesan daripada dasar-dasar yang dilaksanakan oleh pentadbirannya dalam pilihanraya umum yang dijangka diadakan pada 2008 atau lebih awal.

Politik wang

Dr Mahathir berkata, pilihanraya kecil itu akan mencerminkan ‘mood’ rakyat terhadap kerajaan serta mengingatkan, BN mungkin cuba menggunakan politik wang untuk memenangi pilihanraya kecil tersebut.

Katanya, beliau telah mengalami sendiri pengalaman tersebut apabila ada pihak yang menggunakan wang untuk menewaskannya.

Oleh itu, katanya, rakyat mesti menolak dan melaporkannya jika berlaku politik wang dalam pilihanraya kecil itu nanti.

Dr Mahathir merujuk kepada pertandingan jawatan perwakilan Umno bahagian Kubang Pasu pada 9 September lalu di mana beliau gagal dipilih mewakili bahagian itu ke perhimpunan agung Umno di Kuala Lumpur.

Bekas Perdana Menteri itu mendakwa berlaku politik wang yang mengakibatkan beliau tewas dalam pertandingan tersebut. Lembaga Disiplin Umno masih lagi belum mengumumkan hasil penyiasatannya mengenai perkara itu.

Abdullah gagal penuhi janji

Dr Mahathir juga menyifatkan Abdullah telah gagal memenuhi janji-janji yang dibuatnya sewaktu pilihanraya umum 2004.

Beliau turut mengkritik peruntukan RM600 juta untuk kontraktor Kelas F. Pada 13 November lalu, sehari sebelum perhimpunan agung Umno, Abdullah mengumumkan peruntukan itu sebagai tambahan kepada peruntukan RM1.5 bilion bagi pembangunan luar bandar di bawah Rancangan Malaysia Kesembilan (RMK9).

Dr Mahathir berkata, adalah salah untuk kerajaan memberi peruntukan kepada parti, terutama parti kerajaan.

Sebaliknya, kata beliau, peruntukan itu mesti diberikan kepada semua orang dan jika ia tidak dilakukan melalui saluran rasmi, dan terhad kepada satu parti politik sahaja, maka ia melanggar undang-undang.

Bekas Perdana itu yang mengkritik hebat pentadbiran Abdullah sebelum ini, turut menyentuh pelbagai isu dalam sidang akhbar selama 45 minit itu.
Periuk nasi Khairy terlalu besar - Dr M
Tuesday, 09 January 2007

KUALA LUMPUR: Bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad menyifatkan periuk nasi menantu Perdana Menteri, Khairy Jamaluddin terlalu besar sehingga mencecah ratusan juta ringgit.

"Ia adalah periuk nasi yang sangat besar, mencecah ratusan juta ringgit. Berapa banyak nasi yang anda boleh makan," Bernama memetik Dr Mahathir ketika diminta mengulas kecaman Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi terhadapnya.

Dalam temu bual dengan Ketua Pengarang Bangkok Post, Pichai Chuensuksawadi baru-baru ini, Perdana Menteri mengecam kritikan Dr Mahathir terhadap Khairy dan menyifatkan kritikan tersebut telah menghancurkan periuk nasi menantunya.

Perdana Menteri berkata, "orang tua itu" telah menjejaskan periuk nasi menantunya dan perkara itu menjadikan beliau amat kecewa.

Dalam sidang akhbar bagi mengumumkan penganjuran satu persidangan antarabangsa bulan depan sebagai usaha menjadikan perang itu satu jenayah, Dr Mahathir dilaporkan tetap dengan gaya biasanya yang tegas, menjawab semua soalan daripada kritikannya terhadap kerajaan sehingga kepada situasi di selatan Thailand.

Bekas Perdana Menteri, yang mengalami masalah serangan jantung ringan akhir tahun lepas, menyangkal anggapan bahawa beliau telah menyepi buat seketika.

"Kini jantung saya sudah dibaiki tetapi saya tidak mempunyai forum untuk bercakap apa-apa. Media tidak akan siarkan apa yang saya cakap. Jadi saya dilihat amat sepi tetapi sebenarnya dalam otak saya masih ada banyak bunyi," katanya.

Sambil berjanji akan tetap dengan caranya, Dr Mahathir berkata: "Saya akan mengkritik apa juga yang salah sama ada ia dilakukan oleh kerajaan kita atau kerajaan lain. Itu memang menjadi prinsip saya walaupun ketika saya menjadi perdana menteri.

"Saya tidak akan teragak-agak. Jika sebuah negara itu yang paling kuat di dunia, jika mereka melakukan sesuatu yang salah, saya akan cakap dan mereka dipersilakan untuk berkata sesuatu apabila saya salah. Sudah tentu mereka kata saya salah selama ini, kerajaan yang teruk selama 22 tahun."
satu msia bley mkn nasik tu
pesan kat Kerry.... len kali makanla speghetti....
nASI KAWAH ler tu.....
annyeong haseyo
aku respek tulla dr.m nih...dah tua2 otak dok jalan lancar lagik...cuba tgk dari segi cara dia pikir, cara dia bertindak, ketegasan dia, kelantangan dia...susah nak cari org macam nih..(w/pun ramai gak yg kutuk dia..aku rasa dia ni makan apa ntah kecik2 dulu, dah tua pun ligat lagiik)
DrM, org yg banyak berfikir & kurang makan, biasanya kesihatan maintain.
Aku pernah dengar cerita org yg DrM kurang makan.

Lagipun mungkin umurnya dipanjangkan sebab nak suruh dia tengok sendiri apa yg dia telah lakukan masa dia berkuasa, berbanding dengan dah tak ada kuasa.
QUOTE(sleeplessinsentul @ Jan 9 2007, 03:23 PM)
DrM, org yg banyak berfikir & kurang makan, biasanya kesihatan maintain.
Aku pernah dengar cerita org yg DrM kurang makan.

Lagipun mungkin umurnya dipanjangkan sebab nak suruh dia tengok sendiri apa yg dia telah lakukan masa dia berkuasa, berbanding dengan dah tak ada kuasa.

Dan juga tengok cam ne pengganti dia jahanamkan negara sendiri....
what goes around comes around... rolleyes.gif
QUOTE(adlertag @ Jan 9 2007, 04:13 PM)
QUOTE(sleeplessinsentul @ Jan 9 2007, 03:23 PM)
DrM, org yg banyak berfikir & kurang makan, biasanya kesihatan maintain.
Aku pernah dengar cerita org yg DrM kurang makan.

Lagipun mungkin umurnya dipanjangkan sebab nak suruh dia tengok sendiri apa yg dia telah lakukan masa dia berkuasa, berbanding dengan dah tak ada kuasa.

Dan juga tengok cam ne pengganti dia jahanamkan negara sendiri....

abih kita ni pun duk tgk ja ka?
QUOTE(muffinxe @ Jan 11 2007, 09:00 AM)
QUOTE(adlertag @ Jan 9 2007, 04:13 PM)
QUOTE(sleeplessinsentul @ Jan 9 2007, 03:23 PM)
DrM, org yg banyak berfikir & kurang makan, biasanya kesihatan maintain.
Aku pernah dengar cerita org yg DrM kurang makan.

Lagipun mungkin umurnya dipanjangkan sebab nak suruh dia tengok sendiri apa yg dia telah lakukan masa dia berkuasa, berbanding dengan dah tak ada kuasa.

Dan juga tengok cam ne pengganti dia jahanamkan negara sendiri....

abih kita ni pun duk tgk ja ka?

Terpulang la pada rakyat malaysia yg masih ramai lagi yg buta dan naik lemak. Selagi ada yg kata "tak kisah la...." maka selagi tu la kita di perkotak katik kan.

Sepatah kata Celcom....."power, it's in your hands"
QUOTE(adlertag @ Jan 11 2007, 09:29 AM)
QUOTE(muffinxe @ Jan 11 2007, 09:00 AM)
QUOTE(adlertag @ Jan 9 2007, 04:13 PM)
QUOTE(sleeplessinsentul @ Jan 9 2007, 03:23 PM)
DrM, org yg banyak berfikir & kurang makan, biasanya kesihatan maintain.
Aku pernah dengar cerita org yg DrM kurang makan.

Lagipun mungkin umurnya dipanjangkan sebab nak suruh dia tengok sendiri apa yg dia telah lakukan masa dia berkuasa, berbanding dengan dah tak ada kuasa.

Dan juga tengok cam ne pengganti dia jahanamkan negara sendiri....

abih kita ni pun duk tgk ja ka?

Terpulang la pada rakyat malaysia yg masih ramai lagi yg buta dan naik lemak. Selagi ada yg kata "tak kisah la...." maka selagi tu la kita di perkotak katik kan.

Sepatah kata Celcom....."power, it's in your hands"

so undi parti pembangkang?? huh.gif
QUOTE(adlertag @ Jan 11 2007, 09:29 AM)
QUOTE(muffinxe @ Jan 11 2007, 09:00 AM)
QUOTE(adlertag @ Jan 9 2007, 04:13 PM)
QUOTE(sleeplessinsentul @ Jan 9 2007, 03:23 PM)
DrM, org yg banyak berfikir & kurang makan, biasanya kesihatan maintain.
Aku pernah dengar cerita org yg DrM kurang makan.

Lagipun mungkin umurnya dipanjangkan sebab nak suruh dia tengok sendiri apa yg dia telah lakukan masa dia berkuasa, berbanding dengan dah tak ada kuasa.

Dan juga tengok cam ne pengganti dia jahanamkan negara sendiri....

abih kita ni pun duk tgk ja ka?

Terpulang la pada rakyat malaysia yg masih ramai lagi yg buta dan naik lemak. Selagi ada yg kata "tak kisah la...." maka selagi tu la kita di perkotak katik kan.

Sepatah kata Celcom....."power, it's in your hands"

Seperti celcom kata kuasa di tangan anda. Buat pertimbangan, pk masak2 dan wat pilihan. Dah 50 tahun perikatan/BN memerintah. Nilai baik buruknya. Aku dah pon wat keputusan aku sendiri untuk general election yg akan datang.
before..when i was young and naive...i assume only UMNO and BN can teraju Malaysia

now.....situations seems hopeless..we lack credible leaders..irrespective of the ruling party or the opposition..neither side has someone worth electing for...

as for KJ's periuk nasi, what to do...his versi can feed all the flood victims 10 times over
Otak Tun M 100 kali lebih ligat dr Pak Lah...

Dah naik LeLah dgr cter pak lah ni..
skg ni jarang dgr cite psl Khairy ye...
dari dulu menci dgn bn nih...tapi apa nak buat..time ngundi menang beso pulak depa
QUOTE(slayerknight @ Jan 11 2007, 06:44 PM)
skg ni jarang dgr cite psl Khairy ye...

permainan media.. depa cool down cerita kj x nak tambah kemenyampahan rakyat msia kat mamat oxford tu.. spin doctor dalm media tau la main2 dengan bebenda gini.. diamalkan hampir di seluruh dunia.. cool.gif
apa nak jadi malaysia ni... dry.gif
QUOTE(annyeong haseyo @ Jan 9 2007, 03:10 PM)
aku respek tulla dr.m nih...dah tua2 otak dok jalan lancar lagik...cuba tgk dari segi cara dia pikir, cara dia bertindak, ketegasan dia, kelantangan dia...susah nak cari org macam nih..(w/pun ramai gak yg kutuk dia..aku rasa dia ni makan apa ntah kecik2 dulu, dah tua pun ligat lagiik)

banyak makn dodol..tu yg liat tu...
banayak main gasing..pasal tu ligat... biggrin.gif
kerak pon tebal
aku nak kebenaran!
aku benci pembohongan..!
khairy pun dah senyap sikit..takut lg byk dia cakap...lg ramai yg menyampah kat dia tu.. biggrin.gif
Orang melayu yang cerdik pandai macam Khairy pun you all orang tak suka ke!! Pemimpin yang macam ni lah yang kita cari, berani memperjuangkan hak orang2 Melayu.
Lagipun handsome pulak tu biggrin.gif
Lang Kuik
QUOTE(mnd_1968 @ Jan 25 2007, 09:47 AM)
Orang melayu yang cerdik pandai macam Khairy pun you all orang tak suka ke!! Pemimpin yang macam ni lah yang kita cari, berani memperjuangkan hak orang2 Melayu.
Lagipun handsome pulak tu biggrin.gif

Jangan pdg rupa yg cantik tapi dalaman tak cantik ..ahakss
well he is a radical but for what?for own benefit pun tak guna jugakan??cany keep on relying and campaigning that he is an oxford grad..
QUOTE(nila_pualam @ Jan 25 2007, 10:14 AM)
well he is a radical but for what?for own benefit pun tak guna jugakan??cany keep on relying and campaigning that he is an oxford grad..

mcm lah dlm msia ni die sorg grad oxford...

tolonglah pak lah..............
QUOTE(nini @ Jan 25 2007, 02:16 PM)
QUOTE(nila_pualam @ Jan 25 2007, 10:14 AM)
well he is a radical but for what?for own benefit pun tak guna jugakan??cany keep on relying and campaigning that he is an oxford grad..

mcm lah dlm msia ni die sorg grad oxford...

tolonglah pak lah..............

tapi dia lah satu satunya oxford grad yang dapat kawin ngan anak pak lah blum.gif ...................
terror tu tangkap anaik ikan paling besar..
QUOTE(mnd_1968 @ Jan 25 2007, 09:47 AM)
Orang melayu yang cerdik pandai macam Khairy pun you all orang tak suka ke!! Pemimpin yang macam ni lah yang kita cari, berani memperjuangkan hak orang2 Melayu.
Lagipun handsome pulak tu biggrin.gif

bukan x suka kat cerdik pandai melayu. tp x suka kat kj.. bab dia cerdik pandai tu baguih la.. tp gunakanlah kecerdikan dan kepandaian dia tu ke arah yang bermanfaat.. bukan cari harta menimbun.. bukan guna kedudukan untuk kepentingan diri.. agak2 hang la, kalau dia x kawen ngan nori, ingat kj ni ada orang kenal ke skarang ni???
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